Atul Khatri Live In Kochi

May 18, 2019May 18, 2019
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Can businessmen be funny? Yes. Meet Atul Khatri, a middle-aged businessman- turned-comedian who now makes a living making people laugh harder than they ever have. A past member of one of the country's leading comedy collectives, East India Comedy, Atul has appeared on their YouTube series like EIC Outrage, and specials such as EIC vs Bollywood. Bringing his 40+- year-old perspective with every show, he performs regularly at comedy clubs and does private shows in India and abroad. The comedian has showcased his skills at the prestigious Utrecht International Comedy Festival in the Netherlands and Belgium and at the 8th Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival in 2014. CNN-IBN recently rated him as one of the Top 20 Comedians in India to Watch Out For, post winning the competition CEOs Got Talent.

Host Details

Las Viegas Comedy Club (LVC) is proud to present it’s second show of the year in Kochi with none other than Atul Khatri
This election season , get ready to laugh your lungs with none other than Atul Khatri performing in Kochi


Kochi, Kerala, India